Real-life applications of ultrasonic waves


Ultrasonics refers to the study of the applications of sound waves that are at a higher frequency than the range which humans can hear. Most of the humans can hear up to 20 kHz, and ultrasonic waves have a frequency which is much higher than 20 kHz. Such waves are used in many fields such as navigations, medicine, imaging, cleaning, communication, mixing etc. The following are some of such real-life applications for ultrasonic waves:


Ultrasound is used to clean substances like glass, ceramics, metals etc. It is also used to remove grease and oil from the surface of such materials. Big industries use ultrasound to clean their machines and other apparatus. It is also used to remove oil and other lubricants from aircraft and even automobiles.

Detection of cracks:

One of the best ways to figure out if your structure has cracks or not, is to use ultrasound and check for echo patterns. Ultrasound is used to detect cracks in metallic compounds, and this is mainly used during the construction of huge bridges, buildings and other structures.  The ultrasound waves produce distinctive echo patters when it hits the structure, and through software analysis, you can easily find out if there is a crack in the metal structure.


Echocardiography is often known as Cardiac echo which is basically the sonogram of the heart. The procedure is used for the diagnosis of heart diseases. Echocardiography is one of the most widely used diagnostic tests by cardiologists. You get information about the size of the heart, location, pumping capacity etc.



Using ultrasound, you can also get the images of other internal body structures such as organs, muscles and joints. The images that are got from ultrasound are known as sonograms. The images are got when the ultrasound echoes off the tissue and these echoes are recorded and displayed on the screen as an image.


Sound navigation and ranging have been one of the most popular methods which are used when they go underwater. SONAR makes it easy to communicate or detect objects that are under the surface of the water. SONAR is also used for robot navigations in the air and studies are going on to use ultrasound waves for atmospheric navigation.


Echolocation is when sound waves and echoes are used to determine if there are any objects in the space. Bats use the method of Echolocation to move from one place to another as they cannot see. They send out waves, and when the waves hit an object, it returns and signals them to move in another direction. Based on the nature of the echo bats will be able to determine the size and shape of the object that is in front of them.