Top 2 applications of Eddy Current

Let’s take a trip to Physics101; today we will be discussing the benefits of eddy current or rather the practical applications of it. So what is eddy current? Eddy current is the continuous electric current that is created as a direct result of altering the magnetic field within conductors. The simple way to define it would be to imagine loops of current created due to reversing the magnetic effect within the current creating conductor. So why is there so much talk about eddy current? Well many experts believe that with more research and development, eddy current can greatly benefit human race in a number of different fields. Without further ado, let’s kick things off.


  1. Braking Systems

Braking systems are often mechanical in nature, and due to the mechanical nature of the braking system, it can be seen that a lot of force is applied at certain points causing an increase in the amount of strain and stress at those points. So to reduce localised stress as a result of braking, eddy current is used. Since there is no contact per say between the braking system and the eddy current, there is no stress or strain that is created. But a completely flawless system is far off dream and needs countless hours of research and millions of dollars in funding to create a system that utilises just eddy current for braking purposes. At present the best we can hope for is to have a mix of eddy current and mechanical systems working in tandem to be sturdy as well as free of localised stress.

  1. Identify the Fake

Eddy current has been successfully used to identify the type of metal that is being introduced into an object. This benefit has resulted in the use of eddy current in vending machines. Vending machines are used around the world and they work on the principle of utilising a coin or two to pay for the product that was on display. The biggest reason why vending machines took so longs to become a part of offices and entertainment spaces around the world is because there was a flaw in the system that allowed users to use fake coins to get what they wanted. But with the introduction of eddy current that flaw was rectified and now almost all vending machines use eddy current for that exact purpose. It is to be noted that eddy current is not only used in vending machines, but is also used in the identification of fake slugs. Weapon manufacturers are more difficult to convince when it comes to newer technology, but they easily accepted the use of eddy current to ensure that fake slugs do not leave the factories under any circumstance.