All that you have to Know about Radiography


Radiography is a technique that used the electromagnetic radiation to view the internal structure of an object. This is what happens with radiography. Radiography comes along with an X-ray generator. These X-rays are responsible for creating the electromagnetic radiation that pierces the body and scans whatever is inside. The images that are generated in radiography are all two-dimensional images. They are not elevated or superimposed. This is where the role of CT scanning technique enters. CT which expands as Computed tomography, brings in a set of these two-dimensional images processes it and then turns it into a three-dimensional image.

Now having spoken about the basic things about radiography, here is one confusion that prevails in the heads of most of the people. The confusion is as to, what is the difference between a radiologist and a radiographer. So let’s find out the difference between a radiographer and a radiologist.



A radiographer is a person who has knowledge of accessing the instruments along with radiography. They take care of patients and assist them in treatments that are associated with radiography. This is the job of a radiographer. Radiographers are doctors. They are simply medical technicians who are involved in the process of radiography. Radiographers play a role in different medical teams as in CT scan, Radiotherapy treatment, patient care, X-ray, and MRI. They can assist in the process of radiography and can carry out the whole, but they cannot interpret the results and suggest medication.


In contrary to the above, a radiologist is a doctor who has specialized skills in the field of radiography. A radiologist knows when and where radiography has to take place and the patient who is required to go through such treatment, while a radiographer can only tell you how to do it. Once the process of radiography is done, the radiologist can look at the result and interpret the status of the patient and suggest medication. This is the role of the radiologist in the process of radiography. Without the radiologist, the process would stay incomplete.

Now we clearly know the difference between a radiographer and a radiologist. So it is pretty much vivid that both the professional are imperative for radiography. While one is sound with the machine and other is sound in the medical perspective making their roles significant.

In the recent times, the scope for both the radiographer and the radiologist has largely increased. There are certain degrees that a person has to complete in order to qualify himself as a radiographer. A lot of institutes today cater these courses that help a lot of upcoming aspirants in this profession.