15ft Micro USB & Mini USB Dash Cam &Type-C Hardwire Kit w. Mini(ACS)/LP Mini(ACN)/ATO(ATC or ACU)/Micro2(ACZ) Fuse, Micro to Mini/USB-C Port Adapters & 11.9V Real Battery Drain Protection


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15ft Micro USB & Mini USB Dash Cam &Type-C Hardwire Kit w. Mini(ACS)/LP Mini(ACN)/ATO(ATC or ACU)/Micro2(ACZ) Fuse, Micro to Mini/USB-C Port Adapters & 11.9V Real Battery Drain Protection Description

Size:Micro&MiniSearch “How To Hardwire A Car dash camera” in Youtube and check the instructional video from dial2fast to find out how it works. The NuCam Hardwire Fuse Kit with Micro USB Bundle has everything you need to charge your dash cam, cellphone, tablets or other devices from your car’s battery even if your engine is off. It has low voltage protection so that you can use to power your dash camera 24/7 without draining your battery to dead.If you’re worried about someone breaking into your car when it’s in the parking lot, you can use our NuCam DL and set it to parking mode so that it will be on and ready to record. The Dash Cam Hardwire Kit keeps your 12V outlet free, so you can keep your phone charged and power your dash camera at the same time. It also means that there’s less RF interference or static when you’re listening to the radio. You can play your favorite station without losing the signal. What’s Included: 1 x MicroUSB Hard wire Kit 1 x Low-Profile Mini Fuse Holder 1 x Mini Blade Fuse Holder 1 x ATO (regular) Fuse Holder 1 x Micro2 Fuse Holder 1 x MicroUSB – Type C adapter 1 x Fuse Puller 1 x MicroUSB – MiniUSB adapter (left angled miniUSB. If you are looking for right angled miniUSB, please search B0787LD92N.)* If your kit is missing any of the above adapters, contact Nuvending California office with your order # so that we can provide the correct adapter. Features : Hardwire kit for dash cameras that use micro USB/Mini USB Works with NuCam DL, K1S, Zero Edge, DDpai, Goluk and more! 24 hour surveillance protects against battery dying with parking mode. Keeps 12V cigarette outlet free Does not alter original wiring. Easily installs on the existing circuit Install, looks clean and professional Gives power to a number of electronic devices up to 5V/2A.Extra length of hard wire allows you to connect to the fuse box under the hood: input length: 3ft, output length: 12ft Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. ONE FITS FOR ALL: With Micro to Mini and Micro to Type C port converters, the kit is basically fit for ALL Dash Cams or Car Charger like NuCam DL, Wireless Charger Phone Holder Nucharger Auto, Rexing, ROAV, Zero Edge, Anker, DDPai, Papago etc(not compatible with Garmin). Also, it comes with most popular fuse types including Low-Profile Mini, Mini, ATO(Regular), and Micro2. It has both left handed and right handed mini USB adapters. ENOUGH LENGTH: Overall 15ft hardwire kit can be installed basically on All vehicles. Input length: 3ft, Output length: 12ft. BATTERY DRAIN PROTECTION SYSTEM: For our 2019 updated version, we increased our cutoff voltage from 11.6V to 11.9V to protect vehicle battery voltage from dropping below 11.9V and not starting up. It’s also suitable for 24V systems.It is recommended to turn on parking mode for your dash cam to save your battery power. Find another listing B0787LD92N if you need different or adjustable cutoff voltage. EASY INSTALLATION: Installation is easy and clean without any help from professionals! However, our customer service is also immediately responsive if you do have questions. The auxiliary sockets in my Chevy Avalanche stay powered after the engine is turned off. I have been unplugging my dash came but sometimes I forget to plug it back in. After searching the internet I found this direct hard wire kit. Works perfectly. Install took about 10 minutes. Simple, choose the correct fuse tap for your vehicle, plug it in, route the wire to your dash cam, connect it. Attach the ground and presto! Highly recommend this kit. I’m going to order a second kit for my wife’s Honda. You can see a product review and the installation at my youtube channel the real dad show. I had to post up on this product after using it and talking with the company customer service. I bought the kit thinking it would reach to the spot I was hoping for, but even after measuring you just never know. Well, unfortunately it didn’t reach the spot I wanted to on my 2016 GTI, even though I measured it out and thought it would.So, I contacted customer service and let them know that the cable length was just short aby about 6″ and that I would recommend that they extend the USB to transistor cable length another 12″ to make sure it would reach in other cars as well (as I’m sure others have had the same issue). They got right back to me and told me they would pass this on to their factory and see what they said. Well, Lo-and-behold they got back within a few days and said the revised version is being sent out for free! Not only did the revised version come with extra adapters, but it also came with the extra 12″ in length! With those extra 12″ I was able to mount my camera almost 100% hidden behind my rear-view mirror now, and everything worked out perfect. Been using this now for over a few weeks and have never had an issue with it. I would recommend anyone to buy this. Well, my Dash Cam cigarette plug didn’t work any more. Instead of buying replacement for about same price, I decided to try this fuse tap kit to hard wire the unit. This will free up my SUV cigarette plug for my cell phone charger, which is a plus.After reseaching, I went with this kit because it has everything plus more. The micro to mini is what I needed for my dash cam to work. Also the 4 different fuse tap will allow me to easily move this kit to another vehicle faster if needed.The install was straightforward for me because I do a lot of DIY project. But anyone with basic electrical knowledge should be able to install this plug and play kit. I decided to install on the accessory fuse so that the power is off when vehicle is off. Even though this kit has build in power cut off, my dash cam don’t have parking surveillance. Just make sure to put the vehicle original fuse on the bottom of the tap and the supply fuse to top tap where the red power wire that will connect to the supplied 15 feet wire with black box and your good to go. The fuse was kinda hard to push into the tap so be careful not to break it.Overall this kit is a great value for everything that’s included. I ended up buying a second kit to use in another car. Works exactly like I expected. Did my research beforehand so by the time this arrived in the mail, it took about 15 minutes from opening the package to being done with the installation. Have since done some driving and it works perfectly – turns on the camera and turns it off when the car is turned on and off.My only very minor complaint is that the included wire clips have very weak adhesive – I ended up just stuffing the cord into the seam of the headliner. Bought this for a backup camera (auto-vox). Had installed at best buy. This wire kit was needed in order to hook camera directly to your car battery and bypass the cigarette lighter/power . The reason you’d want to connect to your car battery is two reasons (1 – doesn’t tie up your car power port or make you buy an double power port option and 2 – only this hooking up to battery option allows the forward camera to record when car is off for burglars/vandalism events – if hooked up to car cigarette port then that usually only has power when car is on – as was my van’s case). Fit honda odyssey & CRV just fine.Another tip if using the katabar wire – use an empty car fuse slot – do not piggy back with the Katabar wire as it blew the fuse for me on automatic seat. When put by itself worked fine. Meaning this kit plugs into a car fuse slot and allows you to put an existing fuse in it’s extender – but that’s when my fuse blew – so picking an empty slot worked.Here is the katabar wire description that Amazon had for sale that I bought. I bought 2 and one had a defective micro to mini adapter and had to buy another adapter to make it work (which Amazon helped with) – the vendor also sent me a wire replacement that went direct to mini USB but it arrived too late to swap out. If the other adapter ever fails I’ll have it as a backup – vendor did respond and sent part to fix if needed:MicroUSB & MiniUSB Hardwire Kit with Mini/LP Mini/ATO/Micro2 Fuse, Micro to Mini (and Type-C) Port Adapters, Battery Drain Protection System, 15ft Length Cord for Dash Cameras I have a 2012 Mazda 3 S Touring. I wanted to hardwire a dashcam into the car that automatically turns on when the car starts. This kit made it incredibly easy to do. All you do is run the wire across the headliner, down the trim, and into the fusebox. Then, connect the fuse harness that correlates to your vehicle (mine was ACN) to the wiring, crimp, and install into a fuse slot. The process took me all of 10 minutes and was very straightforward. Highly recommend this product! The kit comes with 4 adaptable fuse kits and is easy to figure out if you look at your fuse box. I installed my kit in with the media fuse and it worked like a charm, you have to make sure you ground the wire or else it won’t receive power. The wires were very flexible and easy to guide along from the mirror to the roof down to the side door seal and down to my fuse box. The grounding bolt on my car was a challenge because I didn’t take apart my car but I was able to access the bolt via socket wrench and was easy peasy after that. I drive a 2016 Kia Optima for reference. So in summary, a simple solution for your dashcam powering needs.

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