2 Kicker 43DSC504 D-Series 5.25″ 200W 2-Way 4-Ohm Car Audio Coaxial Speakers


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2 Kicker 43DSC504 D-Series 5.25″ 200W 2-Way 4-Ohm Car Audio Coaxial Speakers Description

(2) Kicker 43DSC504 D-Series 5.25″ 200W 2-Way 4-Ohm Car Audio Coaxial Speakers 200 Watts Max Each, 50 Watts RMS Each Rigid polypropylene cone material Polyester foam speaker surround 4 Ohms Impedance Sensitivity: 90dB Simple install and the sound is kicking. When you install, look through the whole box cause there are two grey wire with ends that match perfectly on the speakers. I did a rough install and was going to use old speaker wire and soder to connect speakers to wire in car… and then I pulled out the second speaker and bamm the two wires fell out. All I needed to do is strip the car wires, connect the grey wires and wire nut together. The holes did not 100% align to our Honda Element, but a simple plastic frame with rubber was modified to match the holes in the car. Multiple holes on the unit would been better, but for my Element holes I need wider speakers, so I modified with a pattern, plastic and rubber and used one hole with these speakers and and the rest with the form while bolts and nuts connected speakers to the pattern. The bass and the treble have really boosted the sounds on the unit. These speakers can handle the loud volume, and since my sons plays deep bass loud these units are holding up perfectly. I I would recommend these speakers to anybody Fits good in the 98 Wrangler TJ factory sound bar using the Kicker supplied grilles.Good sound in the factory sound bar is hard to get. Had originally replaced the factory speakers with a good name brand to make the factory radio sound better. Finally put in a good radio. This sound bar requires you to push the 5 1/4 ” speakers hard with the equalizer to get any bass at all. The previous speakers could not handle bass very well. Some frequencies of bass, and especially the thump of the floor bass drum would cause the previous speakers to distort.These Kicker’s handle that push well. They have a good strong cone. The floor base thump is still not as good as larger speakers but it is there, and much cleaner, and now you hear the bass guitar again. The mids and highs are crisp and clean. “Low Rider” sounds great cranked up, and Willie Nelson with his favorite acoustic sounds like he is playing right beside you. This is about as good as you are going to get from speakers this size in a Wrangler sound bar. I can enjoy music in the Jeep again without taking up a lot of space with enclosures and big speakers. And can broadcast music to the other cars while sitting at traffic lights. Not gonna break the bank and blow you away with sound quality but these are perfect for just nice quality especially for my old 98 Jeep. I had to remount these to fit my headliner and drilled new holes with different screws. I haven’t always been impressed with Kicker products over the years but I think these are a solid value. I used to compete in and judge IASCA competitions in the mid 90s (I’m old) so I’m pretty particular about my speakers, especially the characteristics of the high range drivers. I don’t go all out like in those days but I still appreciate good sound. These are going in the kick panels in my 73 project truck. I appreciate that they have good power handling and excursion specs but still maintain a shallow mounting depth. These things are important, as my mounting options were pretty limited in the factory locations and I plan to feed them 100watts RMS CEA rated and really give them the knob at times.I listened to a lot of things locally, and for the price these really stood out. The high end had a brightness and clarity without being too sharp or sibilant, and they had good off-axis dispersion. I think they will cut through road noise without being harsh. The main drivers had a warmth and presence I preferred, with good midbass extention for their size but without compromising midrange clarity. There were 1 or 2 other good options in this price range but this was the most balanced package and the most appealing to my ear.The covers are a bit flashy for my tastes and offer less protection than I’d like to see in a kick panel so I will use other covers but I can appreciate the design element. Would like to say these speakers sound great. Far better than the 13yr/old 5.25 stock speakers in my Subaru.A few weeks ago I bought a pair of 5.25 sony from Walmart for $35 bucks. I installed them up front, they sounded great.To add some bass, i purchased these kickers from amazon for $50 bucks. Meh, they have bass but its no more than the sonys up front. For 5.25 speakers, they still sound great, and i love’em! Awsome speakers. Had them connected to a 4 channel amp at 38 watts rms. I didn’t like it, even though it sounded OK.Changed the amp out for a 2 channel amp that is higher quality. Wired them in parallel, for 120watts rms. Split that for egual sharing. So pushing 60 watts rms, now they are amazing.Great bass, mids and higher outputs. These went into a 1989 Mazda Miata NA6 base. The speakers it replaced didn’t work. I also paired these with the foam speaker enclosures you can also get. They have great mid to high frequency but NO LOW END whatsoever. Good quality components and connectors and they were easy to install. Can’t go wrong with these speakers. Just what the BMW needed. Far better than the ones that cam in the cat

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