Double DIN Radio Dash Kit with Antenna Adapter & Harness for 2002-2005 Dodge RAM 1500 2500 3500


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Double DIN Radio Dash Kit with Antenna Adapter & Harness for 2002-2005 Dodge RAM 1500 2500 3500 Description

Description Best Kits has assembled everything you need to install an aftermarket double DIN radio into your Dodge RAM 2002-2005. Included is the Dodge RAM 2002-2005 dash kit (fits all Dodge RAM models 1500, 2500, and 3500), antenna adapter, and wiring harness all for one low price! Features ✔ Double DIN dash kitDesigned specifically for Dodge RAM pickups from 2002-2005, fits aftermarket double DIN radios ✔ Antenna adapterConnects aftermarket radio to OEM antenna ✔ Wiring harnessConnects radio to factory harness Includes everything needed to install an aftermarket double DIN radio into your Dodge RAM 2002-2005: Double DIN Dash Mounting Kit for 2002-2005 Dodge RAM; fits Dodge RAM 1500, 2500, and 3500 Antenna Adapter for 2002-2005 Dodge RAM models Wiring Harness for 2002-2005 Dodge RAM models The instruction booklet it one page folded in half, and when I saw that I instantly felt like this was going to be harder than I thought. Well, I was wrong. After removing radio surround, you have to use a 1/4″ drill bit to drill out the plastic welds to remove the factory radio facia. The instructions say to then use a 3/8″ drill bit to widen the holes left from drilling out the plastic welds… I did not do this. Instead I ran the 1/4″ bit in and out a few times to make sure the holes were smooth, and that side hole fit perfect with this new facia. Again, I did not use the 3/8″ bit. The only hard part was the self-threading nuts that attach the new facia to the surround. I ended up using my impact wrench and some force (but not too much because I didn’t want to risk breaking anything) and they all went on pretty easy after that. Definitely could not get them on with a normal ratchet. Great product, looks great in my ’04 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab 4×4. I would recommend this to anyone looking to install a double DIN radio. This also came with the wiring harness adapter vehicle specific, and antenna adapter. Both fit perfectly. One thing to note, not all wires from the factory harness may be used on all aftermarket radios. I did not use the “Phone Mute” brown wire. My new radio had no corresponding connection. I simply bent over the end and heat shrinked it to prevent any shorts. And a note: Anyone installing a double DIN radio in the ’04 Ram and surrounding years covered by this cover, you WILL have to cut out some of the plastic behind the cover. There is a shelf below where the old radio was that supported it, as well as a top cover area above. I did not need to cut the plastic above (some people do) but I did have to cut out the shelf underneath. I used a small hand hack saw and it went pretty smooth. It is a bit nerve racking when doing it, but if done right, it is so great to see the finished project! Overall, if you want to install a Double Din stereo in your 02-05 Ram truck,, this is a good option to replace the 1.5 din stereo bezel. My only complaints so far are 1. The rear holes that the temp controls and bottom tray bolt onto. They dont exactly line up with the mounting holes, risking the chance of splitting them when screwing them in. And 2. The self threading screws aren’t screws at all, but fastening nuts. An impact driver with an 11mm deep socket put them on no issue. However, they tear up the mounting posts horribly. Better get it right on the first try or risk not being able to mount it properly. Other brands that make this bezel, use thick washers and regular screws to attach it. These 2 reasons dropped the item 1 star. The price and what you get with it, saved it from a 3 star rating. I picked this kit up to upgrade the radio in my Ram work truck. It came quickly and defect free. Once installed it blends well with the rest of the dash. Wiring harness works as it should. I have a 03 dodge ram 1500 and the wire harness fits great the antenna adapter works great the problem is with the dash kit you have to drill into your dash to take the original out and if you want to put it back on its going to be extremely hard to get it back to the original. The new one goes on extremely hard the 9 self threading nuts took over a hour tobput on bx they would not start it took my whole body weight to get them on after I got everything ready to put on the whole in for the radio is to small and my dash won’t go back on correctly the screen size is a 6.2 and im going to have to customize it just to make it fit right Looks nice and my Sony XAV-70BT fits perfectly. Only issue that I have is the plastic studs that mount to existing bevel. The metal clips that screw on require so much pressure that the studs easily break. I didn’t return because I was still able to make it work I gotta say this kit was a great buy. I replaced my Metra kit version with this version and have not regretted it. The fit was perfect for a 7 inch double din stereo I bought and unlike the Metra kit I didn’t have actually trim the opening, the stereo brackets, or the dash trim panel. All of which I had to do with the Metra kit. Plus the Metra kit brackets for the stereo ended up cracking after only 2 months. The antenna adapter fit much better than the one that was in the vehicle and it was just an all around refreshing thing to have a stereo installation kit that does what it claims. The quality of the bezel was very good! Better than OEM!! Very nice finish! It came with quality cables!I had a slight issue, contacted the vendor, and they responded right away!They were very quick to listen to my issue, research it, and provide a speedy fix!!Well Done!! I would definitely buy from these folks again!! This dash kit is okay. The face plate is decent, but the fit and finish is not great for my application for some reason, an 04 dodge ram 1500. The “self-threading” nuts are by no means self threading. They take an inordinate amount of force while rotating to get them to go on period. I don’t think it would be possible to get them on without using a impact and a ton of force which actually led to more plastic breaking. Not the best product out there. I did finally get it to work, but after far too much time and broken parts. The manufacturer needs to be like all the $12-20 kits on ebay that just use plastic washers/spacers and screws. It would have made this kit far better.

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