Scosche FD1327B Compatible with 1995-07 Ford/Lincoln/Mercury/Mazda DIN w/Molded Pocket Dash Kit Black


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Scosche FD1327B Compatible with 1995-07 Ford/Lincoln/Mercury/Mazda DIN w/Molded Pocket Dash Kit Black Description

Product Packaging:Standard PackagingFor 40 years, Scosche has been producing high quality, affordable Car Stereo Dash Kits, Vehicle Wiring Harnesses, Adapters, Interfaces, Amplifier Wiring Kits, Cables and other 12V installation accessories. We know how you feel about your vehicle, so we will not design, engineer or deliver a product that does not meet our extremely high standards. When you purchase a Scosche installation accessory, we have you covered. We offer Lifetime Tech support which means our knowledgeable tech team is available to answer any product questions you may have for as long as you own the product. We are so confident in our product quality that we back all Scosche 12V installation accessories with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Install dash kit for Single DIN/ISO Radios Includes a storage pocket below the radio 1995-up Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Vehicles High-grade ABS plastic construction Factory style texture This fit my 2006 ford ranger perfectly. I did not break off any of the hooks that the instructions instructed to do. Totally recommend. The plastic is cheap, but it works as it should. I don’t like “the break off tabs and snap together” design, but I guess they try and make kits that fit as many vehicles as possible. The deep pocket would not fit into the dash so I had to use the shallow pocket, but I imagine if I had a “mech-less” digital media player instead of an actual CD player, I could flip the install kit and put the pocket on the other side of the radio and it would all fit nicely into the dash. Would not fit correctly in my 2001 F-150. Thankfully my Pioneer radio came with extra mounting hardware so I made it work. The plastic “rear support bracket” included with the kit is useless. I had to use the stock rear support “L” bracket to support the back of the radio by installing the kit with the cubby hole on top (upside down according to the directions in the kit). Half of the kit would not snap into place at all and I had to force it and pin it in with the Pioneer mounting sleeve. The plastic is not good quality either, it might break eventually. So I think I had just about this exact same thing in my 1997 Ford Explorer, but it was probably a cheaper brand (and ooooold). It was broken on the clips, and would not stay in the dash. The only thing I was worried about was when I changed it out that I would have to redo all the wiring. Not so. All I had to do was disconnect the harness, slide the radio into this holder, snap the lower part in place by lining up the tabs, bend the metal so it holds the radio in, attach the harness to the radio, and slide the whole thing in. You will hear it click all around, and it is solid as a rock. Feel a lot better now knowing that when I hit the gas, the radio does not slide out. Installed this in a 1996 Ford Explorer XLT. Instructions are practically useless. Spent a lot of time on Youtube figuring things out. There is no mention of how to secure the radio “cage” to the dash insert. (You have to bend up tabs on the cage to engage a very small rim on the insert.) The rear support is useless. There’s no way to attach it top the bottom of the pocket. I tried a self tapping screw but the support ended up blocking the insertion of the radio all the way in. The top of the insert doesn’t snap into place so it’s a loose fit and I’ll probably have to shim it somehow if it rattles. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve used this particular kit in the past but the quality seems to be lacking. I ended up not installing my new radio for a month or so and when I opened the package I found that two of the retaining clips have already snapped off. While installing it one of the others snapped off in the process. Maybe I just got a defect unit but regardless I was outside of my return window so I was unable to return it for a new one.Will be trying a different brand next time. We had to take apart the top dash and the bezel and the bezel around the steering wheel to expose all the bolts for the dash. Remove the ac lines, radio harnesses and pull out the whole radio piece. This trim will be reused and the new product slides in. It will be a 3 piece install. The radio slides in the new din; make sure to leave the sleeve on the radio as this stops it from moving. It will fit just a little muscle will do. The new din then slides into the old trim piece that is bolted into the dash. I bought this for my newly purchased 2007 Crown Vic p71. The install was a breeze combined with a Scosche wire harness and cheap FM tuner/MP3 head unit. Between those three things, I’m out less than fifty bucks and about an hour of my life. Can’t really complain about that! I did cheat and used some epoxy to keep the player more snug in the slot.

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