[Upgraded] TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount Wireless Charger,Universal Cell Phone Holder Car Charger Wireless-Charger-Cup-Phone-Holder Fast Charging for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy


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[Upgraded] TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount Wireless Charger,Universal Cell Phone Holder Car Charger Wireless-Charger-Cup-Phone-Holder Fast Charging for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Description

Upgraded Wireless Car Charger Compared with the original version, this 2rd generation updated following fuctions: 15w fast charging power-off protection LED alarm Short circuit detection protection Overheat detection protection Overcharge detection protection Overcurrent detection protection Foreign object detection protection Wider Applicability For New Phone Model TOPGO brand is committed to providing customers with more professional and fashionable products, This wireless car charger is recommended for making your charging more quickly and more secure. CASE-FRIENDLY Wireless charger is compatible with most kinds of phone cases, but make sure without metal attachments, keep the case thick ≤5mm for better charging efficiency. SAFE &EFFICIENT Automatically disables power and issues a LED alarm when short circuit, overheat, overcharge, overcurrent, or foreign object is detected. EASY TO SET UP Do not need tools to set up.Just a few steps to put the parts together and it will fit securely in your cup holder. Read more EASY TO INSTALL: TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount attach a wireless charger. Keep the advantage of the adjustable base. Fit firmly, securely in the cup holder on your car, truck or SUV. Suitable for the varying size cup holder. ADJUSTABLE POLE: 4.7″ long pole, make it easier to operate and access your mobile phone. You can adjust the height as you like, achieve maximum flexibility. MAX 10W WIRELESS FAST CHARGER: 10 W model: Using QC2.0/QC3.0 adapter(9V,1.67A) is ONLY for Samsung Galaxy Note 10/Note 10 Plus/S10/S10 Plus/S10E/Note9/S9/S9plus/S8/S8plus;5W model; 7.5W model: Using QC2.0/QC3.0 adapter (9V,1.67A) is compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS MAX/XS/XR/X/8/8 Plus; 5W model *Using 5V,2A adapter is for Any Qi-enabled devices like iPhone X/8/8 Plus and other Qi-enabled phones. AUTOMATIC CLAMPING WITH SAFETY PROTECTION: Just place your phone in, the wireless charger will auto clamp securely charges the device. Four protect for safety: Short Circuit Protection, Over-Temp Protection, Overcharge Protection, Over Current Protection. Foreign Object detection and LED alarm. NOTE: Max supports 0.65” thickness device The maximum size of the Phone cradle-holders base is the diameter 4“. When we not sure will it fit, you should measure the size make sure you choose the right product. I recommend buying the new TOPGO Cupholder phone mount. It has worked great for me so far. I didn’t know it had a built-in wireless charger until I receive the product. That was a nice surprise and it works great. The holder senses that you’ve put a phone on it and the little arms grab it automatically. Again, that has worked flawlessly. At first I thought it didn’t grip tight enough but after using it for a while, I found I was wrong. Also, this new phone holder is more rigid than the old version. My phone doesn’t wiggle around like it did on the older one.BUT… here’s the reason I’m not giving 5 stars… Yet…I live in Minnesota and it gets very cold in the winter so I don’t know if this holder will continue to function in below freezing weather. I’ll update later on in the season. Also the little touch sensors that release the phone work great if you’re not wearing gloves. I find I have to remove my gloves to have it release. I own the older TOPGO Cup mounted holder that has a manual release for the little side grip arms. I would’ve been happy to have that feature along with the wireless charging.Update 12-13-2019…Winter has come to Minnesota, and my concerns for this phone holder have proven out. The powered mechanism that grips the phone cannot handle cold weather. Anything below 20°F it won’t complete its grip movement, and as you get closer to 0°F, it completely stops working.If you live in a warmer climate, you’ll be fine. For us in colder climates, I would recommend a product that uses the old manual grip system with the newer wireless charging base. I researched and bought this unit because of the lower profile armature and adjustable angles. I especially like the finger-grip base that works great in my 2013 RAM 1500 console cupholder. I also bought a QI 3.0 metal 12V charger and I wrapped the power cord around the base of the mount to shorten up the excess cable. It’s a clean fit with no annoying charger wire bunched up or oddly hanging out. The holder and it’s automatic mount work great on my iPhone 11 Pro Max with the Apple leather case. I bought two other “ruggedized” iPhone cases, a Supcase UB Pro and a Spigen Tough Armor. The wireless charging with either of these cases work great when charging on my desk unit. They also work great when I use them with the iOttie Wireless charger in our other vehicle, but they DO NOT work in the TopGo…at all. In fact, the arms on the TopGo barely open enough for either of these cases to properly grip and the arms DO NOT automatically close when it detects the phone is in the cradle. At first, I thought it was the cases, but I disproved that theory by using them on my Qi 3.0 wireless desk charger and in the iOttie 3.0 wireless charger. Then I realized the TopGo base is not strong enough to pick up the sensor in the iPhone through the case to work effectively. Since I really like the TopGo more than I would like a thicker, more protective case than my Apple Leather case, I decided to keep the TopGo and go back to using the Apple Leather case. IMHO, TopGo needs a better sensor so it can be used with protective cases. Top notch. Fits snugly, and all parts fit tightly and exactly where I want them. Super easy to set up. I’m absolutely happy that I purchased this. iPhone 11Max Pro / 18 Infiniti Q50Purchased the non charger version last week. It arrived and I easily got the pieces together. I then noticed that the part that cradles the phone was loose. Something internally wasn’t right which would have undoubtedly lead to the phone jostling around in the cup holder (like a bobble head). I liked that it had a button where the arms would open to put the phone in.Next I returned that one and purchased this charging version. The first thing I noticed was how hard it was to attach the phone holder with the ball head mount to the arm. It took a tremendous amount of force to get the ball in. I had the screw as loose as it would go. I definitely thought at one point that it could have broke from the amount of force I had to apply to get it together. Next this one does NOT have a button to extend the arms that go around the phone. You have to manually pull outward to your phones width. When I attempted to squeeze the arms back around the phone they arms would go in they stuck out about .5MM from the phone and would not create a snug fit. No matter what I tried it just wouldn’t secure the phone in the cradle. One speed bump and the phone would have fallen out or worse a pothole on the highway. Next the connecting arm which is not a goose neck is sort of odd on this one. It was difficult to get the arm and the phone cradle out of the way of the shift knob. Granted this is probably due to the design of the console with the placement of the cup holders and shifter on my vehicle.**Note** These cup holder/phone holders rely on tension from four sides to stay in place. If like in my car, the cup holders are open in the middle on your vehicle then you will not be able to create four contact points, only three. You can really squeeze the heck out of knob to try and get it secure, but it’ll never be as secure as these holders were intended to be with only three contact points** I have been a fan of Topgo’s cup mount for a long time. I have the non-wireless charging one also and the only gripe I had at the time was that there was not an option (from these guys) to have Qi charging capabilities, until now!Everything clicked into place very simply and easily – assembles in a breeze. Wireless charging works very well. Make sure of two things 1) Your case does not block Qi capabilities – i.e. too thick, etc. For me, this is a non-issue because I don’t use a case. Brave, I know. 2) Also importantly, make sure the usb plug you are using has the right wattage to allow for wireless charging.Overall this is a great product. I have a 2018 Tacoma, and newer Toyotas have Qi charging pads built into the vehicle. Sadly, they don’t work so well. They charge very slowly and they are positioned poorly if you need to access your phone during a drive or red light.Go ahead and take a chance on this. So far it’s only been a few days of using it. Should there be anything else to update this review with, I will do so.

no buttons or two hands are required, the car phone holder only takes one second to g Works in most cars with cd slot featuring a screw tightening mechanism, simply insert the cd slot connector into your carâ s cd slot and lock it securely by turning the screw clockwise. These include music, software, and video games. Report Issue with this deal. Passionate gamer. The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 is a smartphone holder for dashboard windshield surfaces engineered to safely enhance your driving experience.


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